What We Are About

We are the brothers and sisters of Durango Colorado that stand in solidarity with the occupy movement across the country.If you have been directed to us but don’t know what we are about please educate yourself with the following and don’t rely on the mainstream media. The first link below is the inspiration well in our country at least (check out Arab spring and the protests in London and especially Spain.) the OWS or Occupy Wall Street movement. These are incredible individuals who have sparked a incredible movement. They can be found at occupywallstreet.org. Then next link is for the general movement growing across the country a home base if you will. This link is: occupytogether.org BUT bear in mind that there are no leader and all is done based on the collective agreement of the local group through a cool process in a session called the General assembly or GA. The one thing we all have in common is we are the 99% the current status quo is not working for us and we are determined to change things through peaceful action. Please educate yourself and others, join us and spread the word


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